sweet sheep 036Cindy’s Sweet little Stuffed Bears: CUTE!! And they smell SO good…  each bear has 4 full cups of freshly dried organic herbs- some from Cindy’s garden (one cup each of lavender, chamomile, hops, and rose petals). This special blend helps induce relaxation & sleep. They are good for everyday stress and anxiety. They are good for trauma. Safe for both children and adults.        Bears are approx 10″ tall, and with arms outstretched, 6-1/2″ wide.        ~$30 ea, free shipping~

1212 030

Beautiful!  Art Cards by Cindy. Group them together and give as a GIFT! They also look great framed.   $2.50 each, free shipping.     ~Blank inside~

Clockwise, from left:  Love Earth,  Three Wishes,  Peace Angel,  Love  Home

1212 076Very Cool Recycled Tumblers: Sturdy, pretty, shiny green inside, and speckled grey outside. These glasses are just under 3-1/2″ tall.    ~$16 ea, shipping is free~

1212 084

Recycled Bottles make fantastic tumblers!

These multi color tumblers are 3-1/2″ tall, and are nice & sturdy!

Tumblers are $16ea (shipping is free)