Fringed Smoke. This black purse is 13"w x 11"h x approx 2"d. Full inside pocket, 7" fringe, zipper close. (#P246  $180)

Fringed Smoke. This black purse is 13″w x 11″h x approx 2″d. Full inside pocket, 7″ fringe, zipper close, with tassel. (#P246 $180)


Leather fringe: not JUST cool looking…
Early explorers were so impressed with the buckskins that the Indians used for clothing, they often used it to make their own wilderness clothes. It was stronger than their woven cloth yet soft as velvet. The Indian shirts and leggings were fringed – but not for ornament alone. The fringe acted as a drain, letting rain drip down to the ends instead of soaking into the seams. 
(Now THAT’S function-fashion!)



Leather Sandals, mean men.
An ancient story about an Eastern monarch says that he would frequently walk his gardens, but because of stones he had his servants unroll a carpet as he strolled along. In spite of the carpet, one day he stubbed his big toe on a rock and angrily called the Prime Minister demanding that he cover the earth with LEATHER, threatening to cut his head off if he failed. (Mean, right!?)
The Prime Minister prepared to die, because he knew the request was impossible. A young fellow with a great mind tried to see the Prime Minister claiming he had a solution, but he was denied, and kicked down the steps. (!)
One way or another, the young man made his way into the kings palace, bowed before the king, and said “My Lord, I have found the way to cover the earth with leather.” He took out a package and presented a pair of SANDALS. Placing them upon the Kings feet, he said, “And now my Lord, as far as you, the king, are concerned, the world is covered with leather.” The innovative young fellow became the new Prime Minister and was given the Kings daughter in marriage, hopefully never to be kicked down the steps again.

New! O-ring Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

(#BG260) New! O-ring Messenger Bag. Natural edge on the flap, double layered strap, 12 x 12 x 4 (tapers to 1″ wide at top). Sold brass hardware. Inside pocket. Mixed browns, and black strap. ($196)

Leather Messenger Bag

(#BG260) Side

“During the Roman Empire, Caesar’s troops sailed across the seas, their ships capturing the wind in sails made of leather…”

LEATHER SAILS?!? Who knew!

I just read that the history of Braille started in a small HARNESS SHOP in France (see the connection here?) The guy’s name was Louis Braille (go figure), and he was from a small town near Paris, born in 1809. At age 3, he was playing in his fathers shop and grabbed an awl (a sharp, pointed leather working tool) and the the awl slipped and hurt his eye. Tragically, the wound became infected, and the infection spread, blinding him in both eyes. Alas, goodness came from the unfortunate event…with the invention of Braille. And it all started in a harness shop!