Braided Belt

Braided Belt. Rich brown with solid brass buckle. 9/10oz English Bridle leather. 1-1/2″ wide at both ends, and 5 strand braid at center. Size:I need a measurement # of WHERE you wear your belt, and then I will add 2 holes smaller than that # and 2 holes larger than that #. Please be accurate, as I cannot be responsible for wrong measurements! (A soft measuring tape will give the best results) $65 (#BLT214) (free shipping)

Baby Moccasins - MOC241

Little itty bitty shoes…baby moccasins (available in a # of colors)

Ten Gallon Hat, A symbol of our own West
The picturesque headgear was the inspiration of a young Easterner, named John B. Stetson, who while travelling in the wild and woolly West, fashioned his first hat. With a few tools and some rabbit fur he made a large hat to protect against the sun, wind and rain in his travels. One day a stranger rode into camp and was so impressed withit’s size and protection, he offered Stetson five dollars in gold for it. It became the first hat made and sold by Stetson, who ended up going into the hat business – fashioning many Stetson hat styles. “Each one will stand the roughest treatment of the camp and trail. You can make a drinking cup out of the brim, you can slap your mustang with it, fan camp fires and use it a hundred other ways. When you buy a Stetson ten-gallon hat, you buy it for a lifetime.”

Many people refer to leather as Rawhide, but rawhide isn’t really leather at all (technically, anyway). It’s a lot stiffer and more brittle than leather, parchment like. You’ll see rawhide used as drum heads, or as lacing or cords, and popularly as dog chews. So you see, rawhide is rawhide and leather is leather.

I was looking through one of my old leather craft books and came across a paragraph that I’d previously highlighted. The author is describing the process of making buckskin. I love how matter of fact he is as he describes how easy it actually is to tan your own leather. He says, “All you need to do is ‘Indian Tan’ it. To do this you will need the deers brains, and perhaps its liver, as well as its skin.” (See? So easy!)

Passport Case 

 4″ x 5-1/2″ closed, 8-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ open

Fits US Passport (can fit two!) 5/6oz top grain chrome tanned leather.

Medium Smoky Brown.

(#PAS217)  $42  Free shipping!



Leather’s Better…

Because of its incredible resistance to abrasion and wind, and ‘shelf life’ in general, leather found its way into rugged occupations. The frontiersman with their leather gear…the cowboy in leather chaps holding his whips…the leather-jacketed and leather-helmeted aviator…leather gloves and arm guards for welders. When motorcycles were invented, riders began wearing heavy leather jackets to protect against road rash and wind blasts. They began wearing chaps and full leather pants for lower body protection. Leather is seen in racing and other sports. Top quality leather is superior to man-made fabrics for abrasion and protection. It is flexible and strong and long lasting…LEATHER’S BETTER!