You asked, so here it is!
Finally, an ADJUSTABLE o-ring belt.
Available in two tone, or all one color. Fits 32-38″. $50DSCN3872 DSCN3874DSCN3869

Your leather will love you back:

Dry Leather.
If your leather gets too dry, rub something moist into it! Creams or oils are good, but remember, they are not for suede. I use Lexol or Neatsfoot oil compound. For creams, I use a beeswax base or even saddle soap. Try a test spot on your leather someplace inconspicuous first though, cuz you don’t want high discoloration. Note: if you keep your leathers conditioned, they will love you back, for a good long time!

quality control!

Handmade: good.
Problems: bad. 
I ALWAYS want to know if something goes wrong with your order. Unless you tell, I will assume that all is design-fine, so please don’t hesitate to inform me because I want & need to know. You are actually HELPING me when you report back to me. So, spread the word: 
~If you are pleased, tell those dear. If you are not, tell Awl Made Here~

Wet Leather? What to do:

Wet Leather:
If your leather gets too wet: DRY IT SLOWLY. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you will end up with a stiff crinkly mass. Room temperature with gentle air works best. No direct heater time with hair-dryer, for instance. And keep it in the shape you want it to end up, cuz remember: it stretches!

No more mold & mildew on that leather!


Awl Made Here says YES! to leather in the VI…

I know that some of you have had problems with mold & mildew: horrible, mean, green mold and mildew. But please, DON’T THROW AWAY your favorite leather pieces because of it. Most of the time, they CAN be saved. And most of the time, all it takes is a little bit of elbow grease. 

First, take the item(s) OUTSIDE. You don’t want the mildew spores to spread around house. Wearing a dust mask and rubber gloves, by the way, is a good idea. Now, clean it. I usually take a damp rag and wipe the stuff off as best as I can. Repeat. Dry thoroughly. Then I make a solution of water and white vinegar and lightly spray the entire item. Dry. Repeat (repeat until there is no odor when completely dry).

Last step is to put a conditioner on the leather (any conditioner that was previously on the leather, was just removed with the vinegar solution). Neatsfoot oil compound, Mink oil, Lexol, Saddle soap to name just a few. I may have these for sale or you can most likely pick one up at the hardware store.


PREVENTION: do not store your leather in a plastic bag, or in anything for that matter. Keep it out in the open if you can, where it will get air movement and be touched & moved around every now and then. A closet is fine, as long as it gets touched and moved.