banana on leather

THIS IS NOT a recommendation from Awl Made Here (but I just had to post it).
Through the years, customers have told me about some crazy ideas for leather conditioners. I’ve heard about folks trying motor oil (!), I’ve even heard about using Aloe. This kinda beats both though!
Polish your leather shoes with banana peel-
Imagine this, you are at work and ready to go in for a big meeting with your boss. You notice that your shoes are scruffy looking. What do you do? Make use of that banana peel from your lunch. Shine your shoes by rubbing them with the inside of the banana peel. Then buff them up with a cloth or paper towel
It evidently works very well.
How do people THINK of these things?!
(thanks for sharing this Cindy)

art market closed

Sorry folks, the Coral Bay Artisans Market is no longer happening on Fridays.
Don’t worry though, we will still be out & about selling our wares! You just have to keep your eyes open for us (individually or in a group), mostly around Coral Bay, but sometimes in Cruz Bay too! *:) happy
Thanks for all the support everyone!