leather tote

Small leather tote by Awl Made Here.
Strong, soft black, slightly pebbled leather.
Magnetic snap closure. 7-3/4 X 9-1/2 X 4.
$145, free S&H

A new to me Phrase

Has anyone ever heard the phrase HELL FOR LEATHER?
Its new to me, and I am going to keep it in my memory bank!
If you say that someone is GOING HELL FOR LEATHER, you are saying that they are doing something carelessly, or that they are moving very quickly and perhaps carelessly. 33DEDCF0-5BDA-4F87-8B42-74D2FE881920

New leather bag

A NEW bag design from Awl Made Here!
The bag zips and the outside pocket is perfect for a cell phone.

I want to call it a Messenger Bag because that what it feels like when its carried cross-body, but I’m just not sure yet…

leather wallets

Wallets! Yep, one of them is a ST JOHN VI wallet ($40 free s&h, ON SALE for $35) and the other is a brown wood-grain wallet (made to order $50, free s&h)


Men’s leather carry bag, smokey-black. For more specs & info, please visit awlmadehere.com