The Lineup for Leather:
No outdoor markets for Awl Made Here this week. I will be behind the scenes crankin’ out some LEATHER-WORK!

zip it!


These three bags are made and ready to ship! They measure 13″ at the top, tapering to 11″ at the bottom, with a 2″ depth. The top zips closed with strong, black zipper.
From left: Black, Mossy green, & Embossed weave
($44. Free shipping in the US.)
Thank you!


A TIDBIT FOR TUESDAY from Awl Made Here:
Why did the painter buy a new leather jacket?
He needed another coat! 

leather dance

DANCE if you love leather!
The schedule:
Monday 6/24 & Wednesday 6/26: Summer Markets!

(Oak Island & Southport, NC)
HOPE TO SEE YOU at the Awl Made Here tent, 8-1pm



I’ve got some leather passport cases made and they are ready to ship! Embossed, Copper Cowboy Brown, or Distressed Gray. They are made for US passports.
(42ea, free shipping in the US)

The Lineup for Leather Goods:
Monday 6/17 & Wednesday 6/19: Summer Markets!
(Oak Island & Southport, NC)
HOPE TO SEE YOU at the Awl Made Here tent, 8-1pm

leather care

A Tidbit for Tuesday, from Awl Made Here:

Take Care O’ Yer Leather and it will take care of you!

It is soooo important to periodically clean/condition your leather! If you want your leather to last and last, do this, please. Good products are mink oil & saddle soap. Try a test spot first, as these products may darken or discolor your leather. (Note: these are not meant to be used on suede). Follow the product directions as advised.
And: Some leathers will surface scratch more than others. No need for alarm, this is normal. Usually a good buffing (rub in circular motions with a clean, dry rag) will do the trick.

If you absolutely refuse to do this (too messy, or you just don’t have the time (or interest)), bring your leather to me and I will give it the TLC it needs…