Sooo excited!

As some of you know, I’ve been loosely playing with the idea of opening another store. While I’ve been missing the “face-to-face” with my customers in a set location, I really didn’t want the full time responsibility of a brick & mortar. Well LO AND BEHOLD, Amy at The Painted Mermaid had a most wonderful idea! I’m thrilled to announce that I will be spending time at The Painted Mermaid to meet your leather-working needs! I’ll be working on site, tools in hand, starting on Terrific Tuesday March the 3rd!
AMH at Painted Mermaid

what is

noun. A strip of leather from Awl Made Here worn around the waist or across the chest, especially in order to support clothes or carry weapons.
belts group


Sometimes a brother has to wait (too long) for his leatherworker-sister to get his wallet made. Sorry about that Sloan…thanks for the pic (looks good on that bike)!
SK wallet

Say It-

Discussing Mink Oil with a customer the other day, we ended up having a laugh over it…

So tell me, how do YOU pronounce oil, hmmm??

#1)  “OY-IL”       or       #2)  “OLE”

oldy but goody

We figure I made this bag about 20 years ago… and its still going strong! I’m SO glad to hear that it’s still in use, Betsy. Thanks for the pic!

betsy bag


Here they are!
Kids Aprons (approx. 16w x 22h) $30
Half Aprons (approx. 15.5 x 16 tapering at bottom to 21″) $33
Small Full Aprons (approx. 24w x 26h) $38
Large Full Aprons: for Guys and Gals (approx. 28w x 30h) $42

thanks, Susie!

from Susie: “So y’all know Awl Made Here, right? She made my ROCKIN’ bag, and she made my other ROCKIN’ bag, and she made my new apron! LOVE Awl Made Here!! (and don’t laugh at my Crocs. I’m bakin’ here, people, and those are the only things that keep me pain free!)”
susie collage