reef bay

Denise, leather backpack (from Awl Made Here, of course), and Lizzy Girl. Reef Bay- St John, VI. (1990’s)
I miss those days, Denise! Thanks for the pic. 🙂
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Small Simples

As the name suggests, these leather purses are a small size (great for NOT carrying around a lot of extra stuff) with a simple design, and some of them pack a punch with color!

Purses measure 6″ x 8″h and can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder. Left to right: Mossy Green, Creamy Brown, Metallic Creamy White, or Metallic Grayish Black.
($40, free US shipping)


keys solved

Alright, here it is, the truth.
I’ve been making these leather key straps for a little while now but I never actually USED one myself until now, and I gotta admit: they really are handy. I was always fumbling & digging into my purse to find my keys but not anymore! I don’t like things dangling and clanking though, so I just tuck them into my bag after unlocking the door. But they STAY looped around my bag strap. So there ya have it. A testimonial from me about my own product. Inappropriate maybe, but true…🤷‍♀️
(Check ’em out on the “little leather stuff” page at

Thank Kim!

Thanks for the pics Kimberly Mccoy …our to & fro has been especially fun (even though I thought you were a different Kim McCoy at first 🤣)! Enjoy your new Ladies Cuff & Key Strap…

susie spotlight

Thanks for the pics, Susie Tunks. This was such a fun bag to make… I loved your idea of mounting the skeleton-key as a permanent part of the bag. You’re such a great designer! 

mothers day

Little Leather Mothers Day Gifts!
AWL handmade
AWL free shipping
Refrigerator magnets: 1-3/4″ diameter ($6)
Bookmarks: 6″ x 1″  ($10)
Key rings: 2″ diameter ($10)
Key Straps: great to loop around your purse strap! ($18)

*go to the “Little Leather Stuff” page at to order.

here doggie

Thanks for the pics Griffin (& Rosco). I hope you enjoy the new collar and leash. Your custom harness is coming soon, Rosco! 😁


Little Leather Notebooks!
Approx 6x4x1/2″, spiral notebooks included, and remember: US shipping is freeeeee! 👍

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☮️ Thanks Joe! It was fun using that special brand on the leather and making it into a journal (and your recipient sure sounded surprised & happy!). ☮️

next batch!

I was asked to make my aprons longer & fuller and so that men could wear them too. Well here they are & they are certainly one-of-a-kind! Made from recycled denim jeans and mixed fabrics. Check them out (and other aprons too) on the “HANDCRAFTED: THIS & THAT” page at
Thanks!  (remember, US shipping is free! 🙂  )